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For Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers solar energy may be a multi-faceted investment. While a PV installation is often a financial investment towards future energy savings, some businesses also have sustainability goals to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, and others may see solar energy as a way to improve their community. No matter your reasons for going solar, TMI's team of PV professionals are ready to help you obtain your goals. 


More than commercial solar panel installers...


Since 1983 TMI has been a state licensed electrical contractor that largely served the commercial and industrial sector for new construction, renovations, and service. In the years since, TMI's focus has shifted to photovoltaic projects. Following our first PV installation in 2011, our team has worked hard to become one of Ohio's best solar contractors. In recent years TMI has completed PV systems consisting of roof mounted or ballasted, ground mounted and ground ballast mounted, and axis tracking systems. Our vast experience working with local utilities has provided us the knowledge to expertly facilitate interconnection agreements and streamline the engineering process. For examples of past projects, visit our Featured Projects page.



When considering a solar energy system for your business it's important for all involved to understand your goals and for the developer to set realistic expectations. As experienced developers, TMI's team provides honest feedback, pricing, and expectations for each customer's unique project. TMI's developers will detail any and all available incentives that you may use to reduce your projects costs, including the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), USDA REAP Grants and Loans, and more recently, the added Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) incentives. 

TMI's approach to energy savings and development is holistic in nature, in that our team will help you determine the best way for you to lower your energy usage and utility billing. After all, the greenest energy is the energy you conserve. Given our long history of electrical contracting, our team may explore alternative options, in addition to solar energy, to reduce your energy consumption. Reduced energy consumption and billing may come in the way of lighting efficiencies, equipment replacement recommendations such as HVAC, or energy storage, to name a few. 


Many PV developers' services end when a contract is signed, but not here at TMI. TMI provides turnkey contracts, from project development to final inspections, and into the future with operations and maintenance services; TMI is your partner through it all. TMI employs its own installation staff and self performs most installations. Engineering, project management, and service technicians are also under one roof.


Some benefits of a one-stop-shop solar energy developer:

  • Consistency - TMI managing and staffing your project eliminates juggling multiple contractors

  • Streamlined - Smoother transitions between processes and seamless scheduling and communications

  • Responsibility - No finger pointing or blaming if deadlines are not met or complications arise

  • Quality Control - TMI's team will have hands and eyes on every detail of your project



While there are several ownership options these days, most options stem from one of two ownership models: outright purchases, and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's). TMI's development team is here to help you weigh your options and understand how these two models will impact your future energy spend and savings. 

  • Purchasing / Owning: This model can come in the way of a cash purchase or a loan, either way the end result is the same. When a customer purchases their solar energy system they then own the equipment and the energy it produces. No payments for the energy produced are due to a third party. Depending on your purchasing power, and/or available financing opportunities, this may, or may not, be the best path forward for you and your organization. It's important to understand how interest rates, down payments, and tax liability will directly affect your ROI and cashflow.

  • Power Purchase Agreement: PPA's are simply a contract to purchase power produced by the solar energy system. So, if the system does not produce energy you pay nothing. Similar to how your organization already purchases energy from the utility, you will now also be purchasing energy from your solar array. In a typical PPA the organization/customer does not own the system but rather only pays for energy produced and delivered by the solar energy system. This model can be attractive due to the lack of financing and/or upfront cash required with an outright purchase. PPA's can also bring other benefits such as the owner being responsible for maintenance, and lower/reduced energy costs when compared to the grid. If you and your organization are considering a PPA be sure to understand the long term costs of entering such an agreement. PPA's may also include the option to purchase the system outright after a number of years. Read more about PPA's from the EPA.


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