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Protecting your solar energy investment against production losses, downtime, and reduced revenue requires an experienced and dedicated team of PV professionals. TMI provides monitoring for your PV system and dispatches service technicians as issues arise. Our team also creates a custom preventative maintenance program for your unique system to reduce downtime and extend equipment life. TMI's large portfolio of O&M customers includes businesses, municipalities, churches, schools and universities. 



TMI's technicians are available for ad hock service and repair calls. Whether you know what has failed on your solar energy system or not, our team can troubleshoot and repair your solar energy system. Our technicians are available to assist with monitoring and connectivity issues, troubleshoot loss of or low production, equipment replacements, and more. 


The best way to keep your solar energy investment working for you is regularly scheduled preventative maintenance. Having trained technicians on site throughout the year allows for you to reduce unexpected equipment failures and prevent down time, both of which result in lost production. For many solar owners and customers, prolonged downtime can result in major losses of revenue and/or savings so its imperative that systems stay online and are repaired as quickly as possible. 




  • System monitoring

    • Reviewing of system alerts and production reports​

  • Grounds maintenance

    • Grass cutting & vegetation control

    • Clearing of debris and ensuring proper drainage for rooftop arrays

    • Inspection and replacement of slip sheets

  • Inverter troubleshooting, maintenance, and replacement

    • Firmware updates

    • Testing and preventative services

  • Racking inspection & repair

    • Racking may be damaged by high winds, settling ground, and landscaping labor​


  • Equipment warranty claims and replacement

  • Weather station troubleshooting

    • Communications, repair and replacement​

  • Module troubleshooting and replacement

  • Balance of Systems (BOS) troubleshooting and repair​​

    • Thermal scanning of terminations and generating equipment

    • Failed breakers, damaged conductors, blown fuses​

    • Checking for and repairing corrosion at terminations

    • Repairing broken conduits

    • And more

  • System inspections and reports

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